Many young performers looking to get a career in the profession will ask this question. Is drama school needed? is it worth the expense? What difference does it make?

While there may be a number of different pathways into the profession, there are a number of arguments in favour of drama school route. Firstly the training you will get, only at a full time course, will you be able to learn the skills needed for the profession. Drama schools also provide a safe space to practice your skills and harness your craft. Some would argue like in any field those who train/work in it full time will always be ahead of those who do not.

Drama schools are also a link to get onto Spotlight. Spotlight is the main casting directory and the best way to get on Spotlight is via a recognised drama school such as the LAPA. This is also a hallmark on your C.V and shows potential employers that you was successful in getting into drama school and have relevant training, which proves you have a pedigree and level of talent and understanding to do the job they are casting for. Why risk auditioning an untrained actor when there are so many trained actors out there?


So you have made the decision to go to drama school so why the LAPA?

First and foremost any establishment is only as good as it's staff, our staff have worked in the industry for years and it is our reputation that has helped us get in so many of the top names from the industry. Alongside this our list of guest practitioners is as impressive as any drama school in the world. We have the most important casting directors, experienced directors, established producers and talented performers. Our motto is to be the best you have to work with the best and our faculty and guest practitioners delivers this ethos.

The LAPA is a new school and have to form our reputation. For this reason we are hard working and will be ensuring that our students not only get top training needed but also support once in the industry. Drama school's reputations are made by the success of their students so it is vital that we support our graduates to be as successful as possible. We would also like to stress although a new course we have been established as a production company and agency for over six years and all of our staff are working industry professionals.

To help with this we will be ensuring our students have all the tools needed to make it in this hard profession. Our graduates will be spotlight registered by the school and our students will also be provided with professional head shots as well as a voice reel provided by London Contemporary and show reel provided by BRYMACK. These tools are all needed to be noticed by casting directors, directors and producers. At LAPA we have the contacts and experience to know what is needed and will provide it.

LAPA will also provide you with 1-2-1 agency meetings with a number of top London based agencies and casting directors as well as a West End show case at the Jermyn Street Theatre.

Although the LAPA is new our staff are vastly experienced and are currently in the profession, this is vital as our staff understand how the industry is at the moment and what is needed to make it. Our contacts and status in the industry also means you will meet with people that are currently in the industry, agents, casting directors, producers, and performers. These people are highly experienced and respected. Not only will they offer expert advice but also offer important contacts.

At the LAPA you will have the training and experience to have you industry ready in one year. Some people will feel they would prefer a three year course but at the LAPA we are looking for people who are already in a good place and will be ready to enter the profession with one year intense training.

If you have any questions please email info@lapa.academy