The LAPA one year full time course is split into two strands - Musical Theatre and Acting. Both courses overlap but have a different time table, syllabus and guest practitioners.

Our unique course focuses on two main aspects. - Stage craft and technique and Industry knowledge. Alongside core skills and performance techniques such as ballet, acting for camera and audition technique you will also learn about the industry and how to be successful in it, important lessons on spotlight, head shots, applying to agents/casting directors will also be covered. Our course aims not only to give you the skills needed but also the tools. All of our graduates will leave us Spotlight registered and with professional head shots, portfolio, voice and show reel. These tools are vital in being able to be part of the industry and we supply you with them so when you leave you are industry ready.

Many courses focus on the skills but not always on the situations in which they are used. At LAPA we want our graduates to be comfortable and experienced in the real life situations that you will find yourself in, for this reason LAPA run regular casting sessions and audition technique classes with people in the industry. This way not only will you get to meet the important people who are casting for TV, Film, Musicals and stage but also be as experienced in what all industry professionals find the most daunting part of being an actor, auditioning.

LAPA, work with some of the finest core faculty. Alongside this we also bring in some of the biggest and most successful names in the industry as guest practitioners. The advice and lessons you learn at the LAPA will be vital to you as a performer and business person as you will be both and in this industry one cannot thrive without the other.

When you graduate you will receive a unique Diploma from the London Academy of Performing Arts. This qualification is unique to our School as is the syllabus and core faculty. We also feel we are the only drama school with such emphasis on working in the industry and understanding what you need to do to be successful. Skills get you the job, industry understanding gets you the opportunity to get the job. All of our graduates will also have one to one agent and casting director meetings and take part in our west end showcase.

Highlights of the course

  • Spotlight registration
  • One-to-one agency interviews
  • Regular casting sessions with important casting directors
  • Audition technique with working performers
  • Voice reel
  • Show reel
  • West End Showcase
  • End of Term performances
  • Intense training in core skills
  • All disciplines are broken down and taught by experts in that field ensuring the highest standard of training

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